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14 Day Hormone Detox

What Is The 14 Day Hormone Detox?

The 14 Day Hormone Detox is a doctor-designed cleansing program that is a quick but effective way to detoxify your body and cleanse your system.  It’s a great first step for anyone wanting to complete a safe and effective detox program to improve their health, increase their energy, and lose weight.  Since it’s only 14 days, it’s easy to fit in around holidays, vacations, travel, and busy schedules.

The 14 Day Hormone Detox is the result of years of research by doctors who focus on helping their patients look and feel their very best.  It’s one of the most important steps to igniting health and kick-starting weight loss.

Ready To Get Started?

The 14 Day Hormone Detox can be started anytime!

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of the 14 Day Hormone Detox are transformative.

  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Clear skin
  • Improved mood
  • Decreased cravings
  • Deeper sleep
  • Flat stomach
  • Elimination of gas, bloating, and heartburn
  • Decreased joint aches and pains
  • Headaches and migraines go away
  • Resolution of many of vague, mysterious symptoms
  • Feel healthy again

7 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Do A Hormone Detox:

1. Increase energy and vitality

By giving your body a break and lowering its toxic burden,  while nourishing your body with the nutrient dense foods and a detox supportive formula, you can significantly improve your energy and vitality.   The Hormone Detox works by eliminating the most common food allergens while lightening up your diet, so the body can spend its energy on detoxifying your cells and healing your body.

2. Improve Digestion and Liver Function

Your digestive system works hard and taking a break while cleansing allows your system time to recharge, repair and regenerate.  A balanced detoxification program supports optimal liver function and toxin elimination. Our cleansing formula targets the liver  and provides extra support to improve satiety and minimize the possibility of negative “detox” side effects. The Hormone Detox does not contain any laxatives like other off the shelf “cleanse” programs

3. Improve clarity of your thoughts and get more restful, rejuvenating sleep

Eliminating high sugar foods, alcohol and caffeine can rebalance your blood sugar and stress hormones, allowing for a more balance and relaxed state and a deeper, more restful sleep. Your mind will be clear, and your memory will improve.

4. Lose Weight & Reduce Body Fat

Eliminating high fat, high sugar, high calorie foods and eating nutrient-dense, whole foods during your cleanse allows your body to release stubborn weight. You will notice that your clothes start fitting better and people will be asking you what you’re doing.

5. Lowers Inflammation

Our diets are generally high in foods that create inflammation in the body and increase our predisposition to develop allergies.  The Hormone Detox food plan eliminates several of the most inflammatory foods, allowing your immune system to rebalance and your cells to renew and repair.

6. Jump Start To Establish New Habits To Feel Healthy Again And Create Lasting Change

As you go through the detox program, you will experience a new way to approach daily eating choices and living a wellness-based life.  The Hormone Detox is one of the best ways to understand how your body reacts to different types of foods. The skills you learn during the program will empower you towards health for the rest of your life.  You will see and feel the value in continuing this revitalizing way of living.

7. Restore Nutrient Depletions

Because many of us are lacking in vital minerals, nutrients, phytonutrients, and healthy fats, the  Hormone Detox emphasizes nutrient-dense shakes and daily meals to help rebuild your body while you cleanse.

Ready To Get Started?

The 14 Day Hormone Detox can be started anytime!

The Top 10 Signs Your Body May Be Dealing With A Build Up Of Toxins

  1. Sugar cravings
  2. Low or inconsistent energy
  3. Bloating, gas, or indigestion and reflux
  4. Relying on caffeine for energy and to get through the day
  5. Skin rashes and acne
  6. Mood swings/irritability/anxiety/depression
  7. Brain fog or difficulty concentrating
  8. Fluid retention
  9. Allergies
  10. Migraines or headaches, joint pain and muscle pain

Many people blame their symptoms on age or their crazy, busy life.  However, it is more likely that toxicity is the issue and most of us don’t even know it!

Isn’t it time to get that bounce back in your step?  Wouldn’t you like to get out of bed ready to face your day, feel on top of your game, vital, fresh and full of energy?

If you’re always tired, your weight isn’t what you want it to be, your metabolism is slow, and your hormones are a mess … there’s a good change your body needs to detox.

Ready For A Reset?

The 14 Day Hormone Detox is simply structured.

Here are the basics of the 14 Day Hormone Detox:

  • Drink 2 detox shakes for two of your daily meals, e.g. breakfast & lunch
  • Eat 1 balanced meal, e.g. dinner
  • Have 1 or 2 healthy snacks as desired, or have 1 of your shakes as a post-workout snack
  • Follow the suggestions (e.g. Dinner and snack ideas) & additional “cleansing” tips given in the Detox Cleanse Guide provided in the kit.  This is where we teach you how to get started and rock this cleanse with confidence.

The 14 Day Hormone Detox Cleanse Guide will teach you what foods to eat:

  • What foods to avoid
  • How to shop and stock your kitchen
  • Tips for transitioning back to a healthy lifestyle after the cleanse is over
  • Pre and post cleanse health assessment
  • Recipes
  • Smoothie recipes that are targeted to detoxify your body, strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, and give you glowing clear skin

The 14 Day Hormone Detox is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program designed by physicians to support safe and effective detoxification. This is accomplished by providing the nutrients needed to support and balance phase I and II metabolic pathways and to promote healthy liver function and elimination.

The 14 Day Hormone Detox features a medical food shake, called PaleoCleanse Plus, which redefines detoxification with a superior liver support formulation that actually tastes good & improves satiety, provided in single serving packets that are convenient to use.

The program combines this exceptional detox shake with capsule packets that deliver two important benefits:

  1. Digestive support to improve digestion and elimination during the program.
  2. Extra support for liver detoxification to improve toxin elimination and minimize the possibility of negative ‘detox’ side effects.

Everything is super convenient and comes in single serving packets to make the program easy to follow at home, work, and on the go, and to ensure that individuals on the program do not miss any key nutrients.

The PaleoCleanse Plus detox shakes are vegan, certified organic, non-gmo, gluten, dairy/lactose, fructose, corn & soy free, and is formulated with a multi-mineral core plus a balanced nutrient profile of amino acids.

Each 14 Day Hormone Detox kit provides:

  • 28 single serving PaleoCleanse Plus detox medical food shake packets.  This cleansing powder is a unique combination of protein, fiber, antioxidants, nutrients, pure herbs, fruits and veggies that support overall detoxification and liver function.  The shake is a delicious berry-vanilla flavour that mixes easily with water or your favourite non-dairy milk.  It’s sweetened only with stevia. Each shake contains 18 grams of easy to digest pea protein per serving.
  • 28 capsule packets containing:
    • 3 capsules of Amino-D-Tox™ capsules (detox supportive amino acids). This detox capsule is effective in helping protect the liver while chemicals and other toxins are mobilized for excretion.  It is designed with specific nutrients that prevent reabsorption of harmful toxins back into the blood stream while cleansing and prevents the “detox” side effects
    • 1 capsule of Hydrolyzyme™ capsule, a digestive enzyme formula that helps to eliminate gastrointestinal discomfort that may be associated with other cleansing programs.  It ensures optimal protein digestions and absorption and supports the detoxification process.
  • Detailed Program Guidebook which includes a supplement schedule, sample menus, and suggested food and snack options
  • Shaker bottle
  • 14 days of meal plans and recipes

Ready To Get Started?

The 14 Day Hormone Detox can be started anytime!

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